Back To School

Alarm clock ringing, I wake up. I turn off my alarm and realise it’s Tuesday morning. Schools starting. The start of term 3. I make breakfast, get dressed, the usual “getting ready for school” procedure.

In class, not much has changed. The artworks are the same, the seating is the same, we’re all tired and wanting one more day of holidays. Recess is great! Only, one of my best friends were sick! 😦  I have lots of other friends but, it’s just not the same without him.

On Wednesday, I go to the CWA Hall for a Botswana judging. Last term, we did a Botswana project. It was fun and two people from our school placed highly commended! Then, out of the little kids, two groups of two placed first and encouragement.

On Thursday, I went to “Gifted and Talented – Science and Technology” as my technology teacher is overseas at the moment, we are doing the science part. For the activity, you go to this website:

It’s a wet and wild project so, every Monday, they release new clues to what the selected plant, animal or insect might be. The first clues are released this Monday coming up (Australian Time). The link provided tells you most of the information and if you’re a student that’s interested, tell your teacher. They can make teams for your school and that way, you can compete. I’m sure it’s going to be lots of fun!


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