At the Circus

Last Friday, (04/07/14) the sun set and our family went down to the “Great Moscow Circus” which has been travelling around Australia. Moscow is in Russia so, nearly everyone there had Russian accents! I thought the accents were quite cool and added an unique, small, fine detail to the circus. It was great – the two clowns were awesome and not only did the acts make people “ooh” and “aah” but it was also telling a story – a story of Russia’s history. So it was great for all kids of all ages. The older kids were laughing and doing a history lesson of Russia and the little kids were laughing and seeing all the pretty lights. As a treat, my mum bought two popcorn boxes to share – a box between three as we have six people in our family. A most mysterious final act was where one of the clowns blew up a big, orange balloon with a leaf blower and then he didn’t tie it up but got in it. I wasn’t sure if it was real or illusions but dad told me it was real although, he did look a little suspicious…

If you live in Australia and you know if the “Great Moscow Circus” is coming to your city, I highly recommend to go and see it. It can only be truly appreciated with one’s own eyes. So go and see it! It has got to be the BEST circus show that I have every seen!

Something we haven’t done in a long time is a poll! So enjoy:


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