New Mac!

Remember that post called “What Have You Done Now?”

Yes? Well, Just two days ago my dad pulled one of the smaller iMacs out of his wardrobe. It’s quite big and now there’s two computers for two children and the other two can do something else. Lucky for us kids, we have a wide range of technology in our house – not only computers. So, if my little brother and sister wanted to play technology when my other little brother and me were playing the two computers, they’d be able to play Mum’s iPad either together or singleplayer or they could play the Nintendo Wii. We can swap at a suitable time or someone gets from before breakfast to breakfast then from breakfast to lunch and then lunch to about 4 or 5:00 depending on what time we have lunch and then from 4/5:00 to dinner and so on. Although our family are great at sharing, sometimes we do have little fusses about who’s on which technology first. We also have a wide range of other activities. A trampoline, books, colouring in’s, etc.

So it is the holidays and everyone will get a turn at something! Have a Happy Holidays!


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