A Mum’s Love

I wrote a small text a little while ago and I called it “A Mum’s Love”


Here it is:

The glint in a mothers eyes is happy and proud and don’t forget careful. She took care of you as a baby and probably still does now. But you have to remember that your mum isn’t going to be around forever. So respect and admire her – internal and external. Don’t be rude or have attitude or disobey her at all. Listen and do what she says and also – take care of yourself once in a while – and you might find yourself in your mother’s heart. The hugs a mother gives are loving – no matter what. Whether she gives big bear hugs or polite woman hugs. How does it feel to be loved? Try and ask your mum that. And I promise you there is always going to be a good reply. I know that for sure. In my opinion I think that I have the best mum ever. I hope you have the best mum ever too.


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