The Sick Computer…

This Thursday, a stage 2 (My stage) teacher asked me to fix a computer in the bottom computer lab (Our school has a top and bottom computer lab because it’s so big). I went to see the problem and found that the screen was green! Most teachers don’t let me fix computers because they think I will install viruses. This teacher that asked me to fix the computer was my year three teacher from last year. I thought it was something with the screen resolution but I found that if you unplug a black “System Transfer” cord and then plug it back in it will do something like “recallibrate” the system. To make sure that the system wasn’t reset I got a person from another class (I hadn’t ever logged in to that computer before) to log in and see if their files were still there – they were. So hopefully I will get to fix computers more often because that is – my dream.


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