Let’s Take A Break…

Hello Fellow Chimps!
You’re probably surprised that there’s a new post on this blog – and I don’t blame you! I have posted in three or four months, and I want to apologise. 2016 has been (and still is) an extremely busy year. I haven’t had time to post during the school week and I’m busy on most weekends. So, I’m going to take a bit of a break – hopefully not for a long time – but if you are interested in guest posting on this blog for a while, let me know! Hopefully, I’ll be able to start posting again next year, when all the “fluff” of the first year of high school has gone away and we’re all more calm. So, enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll see you later.
Until Next Time (there will be a next time),

Be Free, Be Chimps 👐


The 10 Types of Relatives You Probably Have in Your Family

Hello Fellow Chimps! I hope you are all doing well! I’m really sorry for not posting in forever, but I’ll explain more after the post (at the bottom). Anyway, for today’s post – I am going to be talking about the many different types of relatives! For any relatives that read this post, this is (a tad) exaggerated so please don’t take this personally however, if this does offend you in any way, I apologise and I’m willing to talk about it with you. This post was inspired by the videos on YouTube that have this same topic, it was also inspired by the types of people I have in my family.  Anyway, on with the post!

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11 Different Ways to Help You Deal with Anger

Getting angry is natural, and sometimes you just need help and tips on dealing with anger. Have no fear, people – this list will help you!


Hello Fellow Chimps! I hope you are going well. For today’s post, I have decided to give you guys some tips on what you can do to help deal with anger. So, without further ado, here are 11 ways to deal with anger: 

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35 Things Macklemore is Trying to Tell You in His Version of ‘Growing Up’

Macklemore says a lot of things in his songs, and today we are going to pick out some of the things he is trying to say.

Hello Fellow Chimps! I hope you doing well! Now, I’ve been listening to music lots lately and I realised that in this song – Growing Up – there is quite a bit of meaning in there. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis sung the song. with help from pop singer, Ed Sheeran. I went and wrote down all the things the singers (and rappers!) were saying, and I present them to you today. Most of the things in here are mainly advice and opportunities you should take. Now, without further ado – let’s get into it!

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The Top 9 Reasons Why Your Mum is the Best

Why 9 reasons? Because – lucky 9.

Hello Fellow Chimps! Happy Simian Sunday, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. For today’s post, I’m doing a special because of Mother’s Day (duh). I don’t know about you, but my mum is an amazing person and I think that all mothers should know some of their best qualities. That’s why I’m sitting here writing this post. Now, enough chit-chat, let’s get into it: 

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12 Photos of Food That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Some foods look as good as they taste!

Hello Fellow Chimps! I hope you are doing well! For today’s post, I have put together a list of photos of food that – just like the title says – make your mouth water! Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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7 Reasons Why I Love to Blog & Why You Should Start

Hello Fellow Chimps! I have been blogging for a while now, and I figured out about a year and a half ago, I love blogging. So for today’s post, here’s 15 reasons why I love to blog. Let’s get into it!

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10 of My Biggest Pet Peeves

 This is the craziest list of things that you don’t need to hear! Welcome to Pet Peeves!

 Hello Fellow Chimps! Firstly, I really do apologise for not posting in ages (can’t exactly remember how long it’s been… 😅), it’s just because I have been really busy of late and I am working on some new, quite exciting posts that will hopefully be coming soon that require a bit of editing and thought, so get ready for that! This post is to make up for all the Sunday’s and Thursday’s I have missed. Without further ado, let’s get into it! Enjoy:





People who don’t wash their hands – I am a bit of a germophobe and if someone doesn’t flush the toilet or wash their hands, etc. it makes me a bit crazy!  

2. People who peer over my shoulder when I’m on technology – I find it rude and they don’t really need to be doing it.

3. People that read out loud and not in their heads – only 2 words, so loud!
4. When I ask what’s for dinner and my mum says “Posion.” – I really don’t think we’re having Poison for dinner, and I’m interested in what I’m going to be eating.

5. The people who don’t have anything in their pencil case and ask to borrow something of yours.

6. The people who borrow something of yours and don’t give it back, or completely wreck it.

7. When I’m in band and receive a piece of sheet music that has notes that are like 5 ledger lines below the stave. Sorry if you guys didn’t get that, that was a bit of a musical one – but it really does annoy me!

8. When someone in my class finishes a test almost twenty minutes early.

9. When my nails are so long that every time I go to touch someone I have to make sure I don’t scratch them. Speaking of which, it probably is time that I cut my nails…

And for the big finale: When I have to sleep at night with the window open – it annoys me because of the breeze (although the breeze is rather nice on a hot night) and I get a bit anxious that someone could rob me, but it hasn’t happened so far so I think I’m good. 😬


    Alright, that was my list and I do hope you like it! Again, I am so sorry for not posting! Please forgive me! Anyway, please enjoy the rest of your weekend I will hopefully see you on Sunday (the last day of the holidays!).

    Until Next Time,

    Be Free, Be Chimps🙌

    P.S. The Featured Image/Header Image is from a website that I found called thoughtsfromher.com please go and read her blog, and this wasn’t intended to be copyright. Thank You.

    Riddlicious Thursday – Disappearing Numbers!

    Hello Fellow Chimps and welcome to my second Riddlicious Thursday post! Without further ado, here’s the riddle and joke! Make sure you email me if you think you know the answer at chimpingaround23@icloud.com

    Last Week’s Winner: Nobody, it had the answer on the post.


    This week’s riddle: How do you make the number 1 disappear?


    This week’s joke: Why did the fly never land on the computer? Because he was afraid of the World Wide Web!


    That’s this week’s riddle and joke, make sure you submit an answer! Also, a comment can count as your answer but other people will see it, it’s your choice!


    Until Next Time, 

    Be Free, Be Chimps!

    Lily’s Poem

    Hello Fellow Chimps! For today’s extra post, I am going to share with you the poem that I read to everyone yesterday at my Cousin Lily’s Christening Lunch. The christening was beautiful, and Lily was full of smiles! Now – no more chit-chat, this is the poem I wrote for Lily:


    From graceful lilies pure and white,

    God fashioned beautiful skin,

    Forget-me-nots he chose for eyes;

    Then formed your baby chin.

    He took a tulip bright and red,

    It was one that could not fade;

     And created a sweet little mouth,

    That before was never made.

    Another flower next was used,

    A rosebud, pink and fair;

    He touched it to your dimpled cheeks,

    And made it blossom there.

    And then with magic fingers he picked;

    two morning glories – white,

    He curled and shaped your little ears,

    Soon they were fastened tight.

    That crowning bit of golden down

    Will soon become your hair;

    He gathered pollen from the flowers,

    And sprinkled it with care.

    For dainty little fingers

    And precious, tiny toes,

    He used slender daisy frills;

    And a snowdrop for your nose.

    This world and everything in it,

    It was created here for man;

    But Lily was “God’s Little Artwork”

    Since time and life began.



    I hope you enjoyed her poem, she’s a very sweet baby and this poem really resembles her.


    Until Next Time,

    Be Free, Be Chimps!

    The Easter Tag

    Hello Fellow Chimps! First of all – Happy Easter! I hope you are enjoying your day and long weekend! For today’s post, I am going to be doing the Easter Tag. Of course, I’ll have to modify some questions to suit my age so without further ado, let’s get into the post!



    1Q. Do you celebrate Easter?

    1A. Yes, of course! We have Easter Lunch and go to Sunday Mass (well, this year we’re going to mass)!


    2Q. What is your favourite thing about Easter?

    2A. Other than the chocolate (😍), probably being with my family and celebrating Easter with everyone.


    3Q. What are your plans for Easter this year?

    3A. Well, we’re going to Easter Mass, and straight after that is my littlest cousin, Lily’s Christening. After that, we’re going to my Gran and Grandpa’s house for Easter Lunch (and dinner? I don’t really know). Then we can relax!!!


    4Q. Do you colour eggs?

    4A. My family doesn’t usually do it, but I think I remember doing it before – at like preschool or school I think.


    5Q. How old were you when you stopped hunting eggs?

    5A. I still hunt eggs! I remember last year we did it, we thought we found all the eggs and then one day my other cousin, Ella was in the garden and found heaps more!!! I can’t wait to see what happens this year!


    6Q. Favourite Easter Treat?

    6A. Probably those Chocolate bunnies that come with a bell on the wrapping – those things keep me occupied for ages! Come on, don’t pretend you don’t ever play with the bell – and if you seriously haven’t, that’s your challenge for Easter this year!


    7Q. Best Easter Memory?

    7A. Probably the one I told you before about the Easter Egg Hunt last year.


    8Q. Do you get pictures with the Easter Bunny?

    8A. I have never got a picture with the Easter Bunny – I didn’t know you could that, I thought you only got photos with the Santa that comes to the local mall…


    9Q. What do you typically put in Easter Baskets?

    9A. I have never actually filled Easter Baskets before, so I’d probably just put chocolate and stuff in it, maybe even like a special surprise or something???


    10Q. What does the Easter Bunny typically leave your siblings (this was originally what does he leave your kids, but I’m not planning on having kids for at least 10-20 years)

    10A. They usually get chocolate bunnies or flavoured eggs, I think it depends on their age – I mean they don’t get the same things they got when the were 3, that’s for sure. I remember when I was little, I got this ginormous (well, it seemed that big back then) chocolate face thing filled with smarties or something inside and I’ve wanted one every year since! Never got it though, probably because I got older…


    That’s basically all for the Easter Tag, but before I go I’ll tell you what’s been happening lately. So when you’re reading this, I will be at my Cousin’s Christening as I am writing this post in advance. On Good Friday, my family, my gran, grandpa, and Aunt, Uncle, Cousin Ella and Little Cousin Lily had an enjoyable dinner and I got my very first hold of sweet little Lily! Holding Lily has been on my bucket list since I first saw her in the hospital, and I loved every moment of it. Surprisingly, she didn’t cry at all! Well – she was almost about to cry and I just lifted her up and sat her back down and she was fine. Lily is definitely a calm baby, except for when she needs a feed.

    My school week was fun as well, especially because it was a four-day week. We are designing a clock in Woodwork this term and I finished painting mine on Wednesday, but I don’t have it again until the coming Wednesday, which is a bit disappointing because to take my clock home and fully be finished I need to glue some wood together because it can apart (we’re using plywood, you see and my piece was a bit dodgy). 

    Now I think we’re coming to the end of the post so I’ll wrap it up here. If you subscribed to my newsletter, get ready for that on Wednesday – otherwise, the next post will be on Thursday. Also, someone asked me why they weren’t getting the newsletter as they thought they’d signed up. It turns out, they’d only signed up for my blog updates, not the newsletter so I thought I would just put it out there, to get the newsletter you have to subscribe seperately by going to http://www.eepurl.com/bMOKeL/ and signing up there. Anyway,

    Until Next Time,

    Be Free, Be Chimps!

    Sorry for Not Posting (and Introducing Something New!!!)

    Hello Fellow Chimps! It has almost been 2 weeks since I last posted, and I sincerely apologise. Half of the reason that I haven’t been able to post is because of school and the work that I have to do and the commitments I have (School Band, Piano Lessons and Theory, etc. etc.). The other half is something I am really ashamed of. You see, because of all of this schoolwork and stuff I have been quite lazy and putting off blogging to relax. Since last year, people (family, social media) have been teaching me to manage my time responsibly so I know when to stop relaxing and start working. That really needs some practise! 

    But let’s not dwell in the past, today I have something (kind of?) special to introduce! I will now be posting on Thursdays as well. Simian Sunday will still stay the same “main” post for the week, but Thursday can be an extra before my Sunday post for you. Also – I figured having a newsletter right after I write a post is a bit odd so I am changing the day I release my newsletter to Wednesday, a day before I release my Thursday post.

    I am calling my Thursday post “Riddlicious Thursday” where I will give you a riddle and a joke. You guys will have the opportunity to solve the riddle by emailing chimpingaround23@icloud.com and the joke is just for fun.

    So without further ado, here is the first riddle and joke for you – but to give you a taste of what’s to come, the riddle will already have the answer. Enjoy!



    Q: Poor people have it. Rich people need it. If you eat it you die. What is it?

    A: Nothing!



    Q: How do you make a fire with two sticks?

    A: Make sure one is a match!
    I hope you liked this post, and get ready to answer some riddles next Thursday!
    Until Next Time,

    Be Free, Be Chimps!


    Hello Fellow Chimps! Now, I apologise for not posting on Sunday, I now have a post ready for you. For today’s post, I asked my friend and fellow blogger, Mary if I could use the story she was showing me, edit it and put it on my blog. So the main idea came from Mary, I just changed some things around. Enjoy!


     Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. Tick tock went the rickety clock. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock.

    The grime on the old, rusty windows blustered past the petrified 6 year old girl. She – Isabelle Ray – was standing there in the breezy haunted-looking like a quiescent figure. All that was heard were the loud creaks of the wooden floorboards and the rickety, rackety clock. Tick tock, Tick tock. A shadow lurked throughout, causing a shiver to crawl up Isabelle’s spine. She could hear high sounds of screams calling for help – it was penetrating her ears. She felt as if the huge walls were going to close in – and suffocate her body.

    Isabelle wanted to run but her puny feet were glued to the ground. She knew wandering inside the haunted-looking house was dangerous, but being the curious girl she was, she went ahead anyway.

    The cries grew louder and closer, Isabelle felt the warmth of heavy breathing trailing up her arms – all the way up to her neck. Her heart was pounding so hard it could’ve burst out of her chest any moment. Cautiously twisting her head, she saw nothing but the dark, hollow hallways. When she turned back toward the staircase, there was a boyish-looking person dressed only in white.

    She gasped and stumbling back, she clutched onto the laced cloth that was hanging from the ceiling. The ground shook by the steps of the terrifying little boy. The wooden surface started to tear apart each time the frightening thing took a step. Isabelle heard a male voice echoing through the blackness.

    “Go to sleep now” it said.

    Just then, the floor dismantled completely, Isabelle let out desperate whines for help.

    The boy gripped onto her upper back, the pain caused her body to tremble. He thrust her down into the gruesome space caved in below the ground.

    The little kid imprisoned the hole with many planks of wood. She fought to hold back her tears from being fearful. Isabelle let out a screech as the pain flowed through her insides. Where the pain was coming from that time, she did not know.

    The dangling bulb coming from the widened closet flickered constantly, never ending. Only half of a second, and it stops, hardly anything visible to see or hear. The only sound heard was the wind rustling throughout the lifeless trees outside.

    Isabelle, still shut in had nowhere to go. Breathlessly, she pushed herself up, exploring the disgusting and seemingly old abyss. She didn’t know anyone stored stuff in it.

    There was a photo of a boy with a bright smile; she assumed he was the one upstairs. Isabelle shifted to find an old, chipped door plastered on the wall. Rotating the knob, she spotted bloody knives clothed in ragged fabric, placed in a mossy sink.

    A coroner’s table sat in the centre of the room, surrounded by a tray of medical tools. Isabelle’s heart skipped so fast, she felt like she was going to faint right there.

    A loud noise came from above, causing the loose chips of wood to crumble down on her.

    Isabelle now covered in dust, tiptoed back to the closet and slides herself in, shutting the entrance behind her.

    Suddenly, a thump hit the ground, causing vibrations to crawl through the floor. The closet door was slightly open, giving Isabelle some view of a different black haired boy from the one she saw upstairs. She’s seen him before, but she doesn’t know where.

    She backed away from the gap just as he rolled his eyes on her. Isabelle backed away even further when she realised his eyes weren’t closing and his wide grin was carved on his face, the skin cut into a smile.

    Her breathing got heavier; the horrifying boy reached out his slim arm and pulled the closet doors open. He threw his head back and started laughing hysterically, Isabelle couldn’t hold her tears in anymore, she started to form rivers. Her heartbeat fell, she knew what was going to happen.

    Just before taking her last breath, the boy said, ‘The names Jeff. Oh, and sleep tight’.

    Just like that, Isabelle’s pale body dropped out of the closet with her eyes shut and heartbeat gone. The worst thing was, no-one would ever know how she died…



    I hope you enjoyed the story, please – let Mary and I know what you thought of the story and leave a comment! This is basically it for now so;

    Until Next Time,

    Be Free, Be Chimps!

    The Mystery of the Magic Shoes S01 E01: New Shoes!

    Hello Fellow Chimps, how are you? I apologise for posting so late today, I had a bit of a jam-packed day. For today’s post, I am introducing a new mini-series (again) with quite short stories in the series. Mildred’s Adventures is a series that can have quite long stories. So I created this series that should be full of really short stories to satisfy you. Enjoy the first story!


    Today was a lovely day. An absolute superb day. It was a spectacular, miraculous, magnificent day. Why, you ask? Well – I finally got that new pair of shoes I wanted. The blue ones with the orange pokadots and the green stripe around the outside of the shoes. I was so happy because I saved up for these shoes – all – by – my – self. As soon as I bought the pair I put them on and watched as the shoes started to grow wings and my whole body started to flutter of the ground. I wondered what was happening and – in shock – took the shoes off in a rush. The wings slowly shrinked and disappeared back into the shoes. What I had just witnessed was incredible! I didn’t believe in things like this before that happened, but now – I guess seeing really is believing. I am Timothy Bullerton, and I am going to discover the mystery of the magic shoes.


    I hope you liked today’s post, and I can’t wait to do more as I started writing these stories in my English Classm and I really enjoy writing these ones.


    Until Next Time,

    Be Free, Be Chimps!

    The App Store App’s Best and Most Helpful Reviews!

    Hello Fellow Chimps!

    As promised last week, today I am going to share with you some of the most helpful app reviews. I will be taking 5 of the App Store’s most popular/trending apps on the charts so get ready for some action! Before I start, if you haven’t already – sign up to my newsletter! I had the most action packed week last week and I’ll be talking all about it in tomorrow’s newsletter! Click on the subscribe to my newsletter button up the top, on the side, on with this link: https://eepurl.com/bMOKeL

    Sorry for not actually writing the reviews, some were really big so I just took snapshots. Now, on with the post:

    App: Minecraft: Pocket Edition

    App: Color Switch


    App: Game of War: Fire Age



    App: Terraria



    App: Kendall and Kylie


    The iOS App Store’s Apps Worst Reviews!

    Hello Fellow Chimps!

    Today, I am posting in a different location! I spent last night at my nan and pop’s house so that’s where I’m posting today! For today’s post, I thought of researching some of the reviews on the iOS App Store and finding the best ones. I was looking for funny ones, harsh ones, weird ones, etc. 

    I chose some of the best apps and games on the App Store and picked out the ones I liked. If you have any others you think I or anyone on the Chimping Around Community should see, leave a comment so we can see it! Now, on with the post!

    App 1. – Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

    Title: Not a great game

    Review: It is a very shallow game, not much to it. I feel like all these other reviews must have been paid.

    Title: Ew.

    Review: This app is terrible. “Wearing nice clothes will get you noticed by the media.” How is that being a good role model for children? Waste of time.

    Title: 😴

    Review: 😴😡😴

    App 2. – Minecraft: Pocket Edition

    Title: This game is haunted

    Review: I saw signs that said go away love herobrine and it was freaky.

    Title: It has so many glitches can’t even play game.

    Review: Frjsugsyvidkcdcisufuvz

    (MrBeaver23’s Comment: Rage Quit Much?)

    Title: TNT   😡


    I apologise for only showing 2 apps that were reviewed, I had a bunch of other apps but they just didn’t suit what I was looking for. Next Sunday, I’m thinking of giving you the best reviews for a bunch of apps, where all of the reviews are good. I’ve also got a bunch of posts I want to write, but I first need to get my head around how I’m going to write them. Like I said at the start of the post, if you have a review that you think we should see, leave a comment with it! Also, if you’re interested in Guest Posting click on the Guest Posting button up the top of my blog and see how you can get involved!

    Until Next Time,

    Be Free, Be Chimps!

    The Valentines Day Tag

    Hello Fellow Chimps! Valentine’s Day is today (for some it’s tomorrow) so I thought I would do the Valentine’s Day tag. You may have noticed that I do tags on special occasions, and I think I will keep doing tags like this on special days. Today, my mum will be doing this tag just because I think it is more suitable:
    Q: What is your favourite Valentine’s Day treat?

    A: Dinner at a restaurant or Jewelry.

    Q: Sweethearts or Chocolate Covered Strawberries?

    A: Chocolate Covered Strawberries, I don’t know what Sweethearts are…

    Q: What is your favourite Valentine’s Day memory?

    A: When Paul gave me flowers when I started teaching at school.

    Q: What Valentine’s Day movie would you rather watch: Pretty Woman or You’ve Got Mail?

    A: I have to watch both of them so I’m undecided…

    Q: What celebrity would you have for dinner on a Valentine’s Day date?

    A: Hugh Jackman because he’s not only good looking, but a very lovely man.

    Q:  What would you do on your perfect Valentine’s Day date?

    A: Go to a resort on the beach.

    Q: Red or Pink Lips on Valentine’s Day?

    A: Red, I Guess  It depends on your outfit.

    Q: What is your ideal Valentine’s Day date outfit?

    A: A black dress with sparkly earrings but if I’m at the resort, I’ll be wearing my swimmers!

    Q: Home-made or Store-bought gifts?

    A: I’d have either, because I deserve it. I don’t mind, as long as I get a gift.

    Q: Would you wear your hair up or your hair down for a date night?

    A:  Hair down because I’ve only got short hair.

    Q: What do you love about your partner/Valentine?

    A: He’s just so lovely 😍😍😍😘😘🙃

    I hope you all enjoy your Valentine’s Day and I hope that there’s someone out there who really admires you, 😊. I took the tag questions from http://www.geekyfashionista.blogspot.com.au however, I modified some/added some. Go and look at her blog and happy Valentine’s Day!

    Until Next Time,

    Be Free, Be Chimps.


    Hello Fellow Chimps and today I have some memes and things that I downloaded and I hope you find them as funny as I did. No fuss today, on with the post:





    I hope you enjoyed this post – If anyone is offended by this, I am sorry. I didn’t mean to offend anyone or be racist. These are just memes that made me laugh. Once again, no offence to anyone who feels they are offended.

    Until Next Time,

    Be Free, Be Chimps!

    Unfortunate News, Everybody…

    Hello Fellow Chimps. Today I have some sad news. I am discontinuing Full-On February. I know – I got everyone stirred up and I only posted three posts (4 if you include today). It’s just that with starting High School and everything it’s a bit harder than I thought it was going to be. Well, I’ve got quite a few posts in my draft section of WordPress, so I’ll finish those and post them when I can.

    Until Next Time, 

    Be Free, Be Chimps!

    My Evening Routine (For A School Night)

    Hello Fellow Chimps and so I published my school morning routine the other day and the post performed quite well so I’m going to do my school night routine! On with the post:

    3:15 – School bell rings and I go the school’s bus bay.

    3:30 – catch the bus to my mum’s school. When I arrive I do most of my homework.

    5:30 – leave mum’s school and go home.

    6:00 – Arrive home and unpack my bag

    6:20 – Have a shower and do any chores that need to be done

    6:45 – I usually set the table or go on the computer for free time or do digital textbook homework stuff.

    7:30 – Dinner time!

    8:30 – 9:00 – In bed and asleep.

    That’s basically it – it’s not as long as my morning one, probably because the night time is more of a winding down sort of time. Well, I guess I’m sort of doing okay at Full On February, tomorrow I’ve got some memes and stuff for you!

    Until Next Time,

    Be Free, Be Chimps!

    The Top 5 Best Ways to Celebrate Nutella Day!

    Hello Fellow Chimps and In case you didn’t know, February 5 is Nutella Day! Three years ago, I actually hated Nutella, but now I can’t get enough of it so to celebrate, I’ve put together a list of the best ways to celebrate this special event! Also, I’m sorry for not posting yesterday (Nutella Day) or the day before, the challenge is to try to post everyday, not have to post everyday. On with the post:


    1. Blog about it!
    2. Have Nutella for breakfast, lunch and dinner (then again, that might be a bit gross…)
    3. Throw a Nutella party
    4. Use Nutella as a putty and see what you can build (if you do this, take a picture and send it to me at chimpingaround23@icloud.com – I’d love to see what you can make!)
    5. Make a recipe that uses Nutella (once again, if you do it take a photo and send it to me!)

    How to Make Nutella Clusters (Very Easy):


    • 90grams milk chocolate 
    • 120grams Nutella (1/2 Cup)
    • 40grams Cornflakes


    1. Melt the chocolate and Nutella in a saucepan over a gentle heat. When they are melted, add the cornflakes. Mix together carefully.
    2. Put small mounds of the mixture on a sheet of baking parchment or in small paper cases. Chill for at least 2 hours before serving.

    I hope you like this recipe, it came from a book I got for Christmas that has all sorts of Nutella recipes. You should look it up! Tomorrow, I will be posting my evening routine so be prepared for that! See you tomorrow!

    Until then,

    Be Free, Be Chimps! 

    P.S. Ignore those letters and numbers and symbols below, WordPress mobile glitched and added it so I couldn’t delete it.

    I ​ 

      My Morning Routine (For School)

      Hello Fellow Chimps and I apologise for not posting on the 1st & 2nd of Feb, I had lots of organising to do. Today I’m going to post about my morning routine because I’ve was told that if you do it, it can help lots of people. Usually, girls would do this but being a Boy that’s starting High school as a student, this could be useful for anyone who’s in the same situation as myself. On with the post:

      6:20 – Radio turns on and I listen to it for ten or so minutes.

      6:30 – Radio turns off and buzzer sounds, telling me to get out of bed.

      6:35 – Take drink bottle of the freezer, fill it up with water and put it in my bag.

      6:40 – Make breakfast (Usually Cereal.)

      6:50 – Eating breakfast.

      7:00 – Wash up my dishes, and go and my brush my teeth and put deodorant on.

      7:15 – Get clothes out of wardrobe and put them on.

      7:20 – Help mum pack the lunch boxes.

      7:30 – Do my hair

      7:40 Put my lunchbox in my bag and make sure I have everything I need for the day.

      7:45 to 7:55 – Relax, watch TV, practice piano or go on my iPad and check emails, etc.

      8:00 – Check again to make sure I have everything, say goodbye to everybody and walk out the door and down the street to the bus stop.

      8:15 – Catch the bus to school!

      That was about it!

      I like doing this, I might do an evening routine tomorrow. If you are a student, try what I do or tell me in the comments if you have a different routine! The image that I used in this post belongs to http://www.heartsbeautyblog.wordpress.com I did not make the image, and I didn’t intend for copyright, for all of you wondering. 🙂

      Until Tomorrow,

      Be Free, Be Chimps!


      Blog Updates and More!

      The holidays have come to an end and the Friday that just passed was my very first day of high school! So today, I just wanted to talk a bit about the updates I’ve done with my blog and my first impressions of high school. This might be a jam packed post! Also, I apologise for the late post – if you’ve been with me for a while, you’d know I post every Sunday at 10:15AM Australian Time. I was just really busy celebrating my Grandpa’s birthday!

      Blog Updates

      You may have noticed that my blog’s theme has changed. My dad and I noticed that if you viewed it on a iPad (not sure about desktop or mobile), the page size would shrink. When I changed the theme to the current one that you see today, it had the full size.

      Another blog update, I changed my blog logo, as I noticed a typo in the Tagline. It wasn’t a big typo, I was just missing the ‘A’

      The final blog update: I’m going to do a challenge that I created (unless someone has already created it) for the coming February – Full on February! Starting tomorrow (You know, Australian Time) I will be doing a post every day for the month of February. I’ve downloaded a Daily Prompts E-Book and I’ll be using that for feb, except for the Sunday posts.

      High School First Impressions

      You know, high school wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. I recall writing in my post about starting high school:

      I know I’m worried about making friends, but people say I’ll make lots in the first couple of weeks (let’s see what they say!) and then I’ll be fine

      It’s only been one day and I’ve got five new amazing friends! I only had two proper classes, however as I spent most of Friday in home room and in the chapel (I go to a Catholic high school) but – I feel like I’ll survive the next six years, at least.

      It looks like this is the end of today’s post, I was actually going to do some movie reviews on the movies I saw during the holidays, but the post was already going to be late and I didn’t want it to be a long post as well as a late post. However, if you want me to do movie reviews on movies such as Minions, Pixels, Goosebumps, Alvin & The Chipmunks 4: The Road Chip and The Peanuts Movie (Charlie Brown and Snoopy), leave a comment asking me to do it and I might do it next Sunday!

      Well, Until Sunday tomorrow and the rest of February, 

      Be Free, Be Chimps.

      P.S. I want my readers to understand that I’m starting to have quite a busy life with starting high school and everything that comes with starting my teenage years so, I might miss a day but Full On February is a challenge so I’ll try my hardest to post everyday.